TOMMY LEE Doesn't Rule Out Another ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA Album

Chad Bowar of About Heavy Metal recently conducted an interview with MTLEY CRE drummer Tommy Lee. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow.

About Heavy Metal: With your kids getting older, do they come out on the road with you when they can?

Tommy: It's always tough leaving them home, but the beauty of the summer is they're out of school. The boys like to come out and rock with me. It's funny, because for them, it's the camping trip from hell. They love the tour bus and the video games and all the people and golf carts and all the backstage stuff. They think it's cool. During the summer they'll come and spend a lot of time with me. Unfortunately, when they're in school, Dad can't yank them out to come play. We're conscious of our families and try to schedule as much time to come back and catch up.

About Heavy Metal: Have your kids shown any musical aptitude yet?

Tommy: Totally. My youngest, Dylan, is taking guitar lessons and thrashing on the drums. Brandon plays trumpet and bass. Dylan plays piano every day as well. It's crazy. They're totally into it. I think at this point in their life they are experimenting with a lot like I did when I was a kid. I did tap dancing, ballet, accordion lessons, piano lessons, drums, I didn't know what the hell I wanted, but eventually you find out whatever you're attracted to and gravitate towards it. They're still experimenting and tasting all the different musical flavors along with sports and all the other stuff that kids do.

About Heavy Metal: You're also doing a reality show called "Battleground Earth". What's it about?

Tommy: Discovery Channel just launched a new channel called Planet Green. The "Battleground Earth" show that I did with Ludacris is scheduled to air in August. It's a really cool show, not so much reality, but more of a documentary and a bit of a competition here and there. It was a big-time learning experience for the two of us. Between Ludacris and I, the only thing green we knew about was either money or weed. Basically, we are trying to get the message out during the episodes about the little things people can do to make the earth a better place for our kids and grandkids. It's crazy. It's not about the giant things you do. If everybody does a little bit, it would make your neck snap off. If you change to the new light bulbs, it can cut down your electric bill by a third. We went to the greenest house in Atlanta. This guy had all solar energy, and his electric bill was $8.48. I'm changing my lifestyle. I'm ordering solar panels and changing light bulbs. They have this grass that you can put in your yard. It looks and feels like real grass. It's recyclable and doesn't require water, fertilizer or maintenance. Ludacris and I put a football field of it down in an abandoned park in Oakland. It's a place where kids used to go, but they don't anymore because it's so beat up. I can't even tell you the look on their faces when we put the field down and the kids were out there playing. It was amazing. It's a feel-good show, it's informative, educational, and when they approached us, they wanted a rock icon and a hip-hop icon. We went around the United States spreading the word one episode at a time.

About Heavy Metal: Will there be another ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA album?

Tommy: We haven't all played together in a while, and it was such a blast. We were all saying we have to do this again. Maybe we will, who knows? Right now it's Camp Mtley. On my tour bus, I have a recording studio and I'll be writing some music. Maybe we'll do some SUPERNOVA stuff. I'm also doing some voiceover work for a new animated series on Fox called "The Life And Times Of Jimmy Jaxx". It's loosely based on me. They wanted me for my voice and some content to make it a fun show. I'm excited about it. I've never done that. I'm mostly inspired to do it for my kids. They'll get a kick out of it.

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