SYSTEMATIC's RUPPELL On Upcoming CD: 'Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Hard Rock Album'

SYSTEMATIC guitarist Adam Ruppell has posted the following message via the band's official web site:

"We have been playing a song or two [from our new album] to some people and the response is better then what we expected! So it just confirms our beliefs that we have something really exciting on our hands! So let me tell you about 'Pleasure To Burn'.

"It is a very straightforward album with more depth and even more intensity then 'Somewhere In Between'. I feel our first album was basically four guys and four separate instruments playing written-out songs. 'Pleasure To Burn' feels more together and alive. It seems that we went more with instinct and a 'I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-band-is-doing-what' mentality.

"When we first started this thing, we sat with [producer] Howard [Benson] and expressed that we wanted to push ourselves and even for him to be pushed by us. So let me tell you, at times the battles were thick, and everyone has had a sleepless night or two. With this album, it was like being on the most fucked-up rollercoaster you have been on. You know that you're going to live, but the ride is just entering the first loop, then when it's all done, you look back and say, 'That was pretty shitty, let's go again!' I know we have something here. This album is not your run-of-the-mill hard rock album. It is a step forward musically, with more confidence and more heart.

"Lyrically, this album is more direct and more to the point, songs like 'Not Like You' and 'Breakable' are kind of 'fuck-you' songs, while 'Shine' deals more with certain people talking shit behind our backs. 'Leaving Only Scars' is more about realizing how much b.s. around you doesn't even matter and sometimes just wanting to not be apart of life.

"Music-wise, this album is a little more to the point. It's kinda like [bassist] Johnny [Chow]'s sex life, get in and get out! For guitar tones, me and [guitarist/singer] Tim [Narducci] wanted to go more raw. We turned down our gain knobs and just dug in more and played with more intensity. So the guitar sounds are more vintage then before, but trust me, it's sick! We recorded the album with three heads, a 5150, budda, and a park. We made sure to try and stray away from your basic guitar tones.

"We want people either to love it or hate it, no middle grounds. The bass and drums are just bigger on this album. [Drummer] Paul [Bostaph] and Johnny just played to the song being a part of the music and not playing on top of it.

"All I can say is, this album is all about confidence and instinct, and the fans are going to feel it.

"So spread the word. We are just a week away from finishing this beast and then it's time go live. GOD I CAN'T WAIT!!!!"


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