METALLICA: Review, Photos From ROLLING STONES Concert Posted Online

METALLICA's official web site has been updated with the following "review" of the band's performance last night (Nov. 13) as the support act for THE ROLLING STONES at SBC Park in San Francisco, California:

"It seems like a long year ago that METALLICA left the stage in San Jose to enjoy their personal lives and families. Well, the band finally returned after that year long absence to answer a higher calling. What was that higher calling, you ask? Well, when THE ROLLING STONES come knocking on your door I think it's safe to say that a calling like that is enough to interrupt your vacation, or solitude, or whatever you'd like to call it.

"As the breeze blew off of the Bay Sunday night, that familiar sound of 'Ecstasy of Gold' rang through the PA, despite the fact that the lights were on. I must say... personally, it doesn't have the same effect with the lights on but, after half of 'Ecstasy' they finally killed the lights and all was grand. Much debate has raged on the METALLICA Message Boards about what the band would be playing or what they would be opening up with. Well, no one would have guessed what we were about to be greeted with... when an oddly sounding bass started ringing through the stadium followed by a slow drum beat. Of course, only the die-hard's would know... but opening with 'Orion' was a truly awesome sight. They played the first half of the song which has never been played live before, despite what a certain Danish drummer might have said.

"After the climax of 'Orion', they tore straight into 'Master Of Puppets' with furious energy. Interesting note for all of you fans who need to know every detail... James sang every line of 'Puppets'. You see, I think even Papa Het realized that THE ROLLING STONES crowd might not be too up on their METALLICA knowledge... I must say... personally, that was an awesome thing to hear.

"The lights dimmed on the stadium as the string section of 'No Leaf Clover' blared out of the PA. The band tackled this song so very well... you could tell that with each song, they were performing to impress because, let me tell you, the sight of so many people sitting down during a METALLICA performance is a vision that will haunt me from this day forward.

"'King Nothing' and 'Fade To Black' followed, with this particular author blowing his voice out on 'Fade'. After the song, James quickly introduced the band and then began 'I Disappear' which always sounds pretty good in a live setting. The band also made a smart move to try and connect with the... um... older (?!) audience by throwing a cover of BOB SEGER's 'Turn the Page' into the set. James asked the crowd that, if they knew the song, to sing along.

"'Are you happy?' James asked the crowd, which was followed by a booming roar. 'Happy? Happy? Sad?' The crowd went silent and Lars counted in the beginning of what would become a very crushing version of 'Sad But True' which sounded heavier than ever.

"'One' followed with some in the crowd (keep in mind, this IS a STONES show) seemingly to get a bit more interested, especially during the thunderous conclusion. The crowd got even louder when they followed 'One' with 'Nothing Else Matters' and, of course, people seemed to finally wake up from their slumber during 'Enter Sandman'. As someone who has seen the band over 40 times, I must say... 'Sandman' never sounded any better than it did after a year long silence.

"METALLICA walked into SBC Park with much respect and knowledge of the rough task laid in front of them. It must have been weird for a band as big as METALLICA to have to open for another band but, you can't really get any bigger than THE ROLLING STONES. And most importantly, it's just great to see these four guys on stage together once again.

"So, James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert... I hope you heard me screaming at the top of my lungs for you all the way in Section 211. I gave as much as you were giving back to me and, I gotta say, I'll be hurtin in the morning."

Check out pictures of METALLICA from last night's concert at

METALLICA's setlist:

01. Orion (first half of the song only)
02. Master of Puppets (full version)
03. No Leaf Clover
04. King Nothing
05. Fade to Black
06. I Disappear
07. Turn the Page
08. Sad But True
09. One
10. Nothing Else Matters
11. Enter Sandman

METALLICA will open for THE ROLLING STONES again on Tuesday (Nov. 15) at the same venue. These are METALLICA's only live shows of 2005.

As previously reported, METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett will appear on the cover of the January 2006 issue of Guitar World magazine, which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the band's landmark "Master of Puppets" album. The issue goes on sale November 22.

The band will reportedly reconvene after the STONES shows or early in 2006 to begin working on material for their ninth studio album.


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