KISS Drummer ERIC SINGER: 'I Am Living My Dreams Many Times Over'

KISS's official web site,, has posted the following fan question-and-answer session with KISS drummer Eric Singer:

Q: I've seen you in concert with KISS several times and I love your playing. My question is why do you play with only one bass drum now with KISS as opposed to when you played with them during the Revenge Tour or even recently with ALICE COOPER?

Eric: "Thanx for the props! I choose many different drum kit set-ups depending on the situation or sometimes how I want to approach a gig. It really is about using what is needed for a particular band and music. I even use a little as four drums and three cymbals in some situations. With KISS I really decided back in 1995 on the Konvention/Unplugged shows that I wanted to rethink the way I was playing KISS songs and wanted to be more faithful to the original style of the band and songs. Part of this has to do with putting the music first and just trying to be a more mature player. I think we all know I can overplay if I choose to, as I showed on Paul's [Stanley] solo tour in 1989! [Laughs]"

Q: Eric, I recently read a great article on you in a U.K. drum magazine, where Gene [Simmons], Paul, Brian May and Alice Cooper all basically say you are one of the greatest rock drummers ever. When you started playing drums could you even imagine that these legends would ever talk about you that way or you would actually drum for four of your favorite artists — KISS, QUEEN, ALICE COOPER and BLACK SABBATH?

Eric: "I am truly blessed!! I did not know what any of those people had said about me until I read the interview myself. WOW, was I blown away by everyone. It really is so surreal to me to remember seeing all those bands when I was growing up and the influence and inspiration that they provided me with is so amazing now that I have been part of their world as well. I really am living my dreams many times over and try not to forget that."

Q: Hi Eric, I am a big fan of yours and have followed every band you've been with. I would like to know why you always seem to be touring or appearing at Expos or drum clinics. Don't you ever take a break?

Eric: "This is what I do, plain and simple. I need to play and stay busy for my sanity and peace. Drumming and music really is a spiritual event for me now. I plan every day on tour around those two hours on stage. I believe I was given a gift and I want to enjoy and cherish it as much as I can. And yes, I do take breaks when I am home. Then I get stir crazy within a week or two and I'm ready to get back out there ASAP!"

Q: Hey Eric, I've met you several times at KISS Expos and you've always been so cool and down to earth with me. You were so patient with me, signing over 20 items at one expo alone! I did notice you were not too thrilled signing some of my '70s KISS albums, was there a particular reason?

Eric: "I love appearing at the Expos since having the best fans in the world wanting to meet you or asking for your autograph doesn't suck, needless to say. I have no problem signing whatever fans want. I just wonder why people want anything signed that I did not play on. I always joke with them that it actually takes away from the collectibility of some items to have anyone else sign certain items other than who played on the record. [Laughs]"

Q: Eric, I am so happy that you will come back to see us in Japan again this summer. I met you at the KISS Expo in Tokyo in March and you take photo with me. I went to your drum clinic and had a great time. You told me you love Japan very much. What do you love about my country?

Eric: "Japan is great because of the fans! They really treat us so special and make us feel larger than life at times. I love the noodle houses, bullet train, sushi, Korean bbq, shopping, Mr. Udo and well you get the idea!! It will be great to do all these things in July and most of all to play for all of you."


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