KELLY KEELING Checks In From The Road

Powerhouse rock vocalist and former Atlantic recording artist Kelly Keeling (BATON ROUGE, BLUE MURDER, MSG, JOHN NORUM), who is currently touring the U.S. as part of guitarist George Lynch's (ex-DOKKEN) solo band, has posted the following message on his official web site:

"Well, as usual, so much to say and no time. Our tour bus is stopped at a truck stop so Charlie our driver can rest, and the band, too. I couldn't resist checking in.

"The crowds have been so very nice to us and again what a treat to be on stage with the best band I have had such a long haul with. There are many pictures and updates on George's site and a reference to lyrics, probably 'Breaking the Chains'. I don't wanna go post on the site but hey, I do my best and am really having a great time.

"Again I'm realizing how blessed I am once again to be involved with such great talent. Jeff [Martin] sings his heart out every night and is one of the best drummers I have played with. The best I have toured with! Also for being such a great friend and support in so many ways, as the rest of the band has been. George is one of the most easygoing bro's I've known, contrary to any story. Maybe the chemistry is just right? No drama, well, between Marten, Jeff, 'G', crew, Justin, Shaun, Ed, Charlie, Joey and Ray, which I must add, saves us every night as well as some of our opening bands and crews. Go on? Well, it's 6 am, truck stop, tour bus . . . what else to do?

"We finally got a great groove with Mr. Yngwie J. and crew. His crew and management is SOOO tight we had some trouble conforming to a perfect to the minute schedule at the start but we got it ironed out within the last few shows. I'll say it again; they are one of the best bands I have had the pleasure to witness. The bill is strong, sold out almost nightly. Lynch, Malmsteen and Co., which I must add, is the best band he has had for Keeling, Anderson and Martin fans. It's good to be back out on the road.

"I'm probably being redundant and must rest for the next show.

"Remember the 'Furious George' album will be out soon. We do some from it when the mood hits. I hear Mooka at Prairie Sun Recordings has done a stellar job. We fought hard to have him mix and are glad he had time. Also thanks to Mike Varney for spending the extra $$ to have the best mix on this album.

"Thanks also to my management firm, 'Serge Entertainment' who were at a few shows. Thank you, Sandy for all your faith and support.

"We are talking about writing sessions for 'Lynch' while we are furious. I hope we can keep this magic happening till recording.

"My album, as usual, I am too damn busy with 100,000 demands.

"I may say 'yes' too much but I hope soon Ed at Mascot releases my hard work to you all. As said before, they are mixing in Germany.

"There is also talk about a European tour under the 'Lynch' band name.

"DOKKEN is in mix mode. I hope all remember my contribution. I really love the songs that I was a part of.

"And you, family, friends, life, my son Jason Kerry, family in SD, LA, NY, Sweden, CA and all I have met while out here and reacquainted with, Antoinette Avalon, my fan club people . . . April and all you special people . . . wow! Thank you for being part of my life!

"See ya soon I hope!"


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