Guitarist RICH WARD Says New STUCK MOJO Album May Surface Through SPITFIRE recently conducted an interview with FOZZY/STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward. An excerpt from the interview follows: What about STUCK MOJO? I know you've done some gigs in London recently and I know you have some shows coming up soon in the Carolinas, what's the story there? Will there be another album?

Rich Ward: "Back when I wrote THE DUKE [solo] record, there was no dialogue at all going on there between Bonz [STUCK MOJO rapper] and myself. I mean, what was the point? We had nothing in common, you know. Why bother? It's like trying to get together with your ex-wife. Why? Then, after enough time had gone by, I saw him out places, we talked, we even talked on the phone a bit and I was kind of like, 'Hey, I'm going over to Europe with FOZZY…do you have any interest in doing a couple of shows?' And he's like, 'Yeah.' So, we booked a STUCK MOJO tour and we didn't rehearse ONE time! We hadn't played as a band together because we had a new bass player, and we hadn't jammed together… Bonz, Bud [Fontsere, drums], and myself in, I don't know….two years. I mean, we just went out and did a tour! First night we walked on stage, we smoked. I was like 'C'mon, you gotta be kidding me. We haven't rehearsed this stuff in forever and the first night we go out and smack people? Gimme a break!' It was awesome. It felt great to do it because I love metal. I can sit here and talk about how much I love GENESIS, but I also love IRON MAIDEN, I love PANTERA and I love MORBID ANGEL, and I still listen to those records as well, it's just part of my broad passion for music. So, we played these London and Bristow shows and now we're doing a show at The Masquerade (Atlanta) in June, and Ziggy's and I'm even looking at writing tunes for a new record. I just need a commitment from a label that's gonna spend the money to do a good record, and I want to know that they get it and respect it, and Spitfire may be the label for that. They're all MOJO fans, which is why they signed THE DUKE, they know me through that work and they may be the right label for that, we may actually go through with it. Could be kinda cool!" Who would be the bass player? Would you even think to ask Corey (Lowery) back to take part in that and have the all-original line-up together for this?

Rich Ward: "Well, I’ve already talked to Corey when we were going to first go out and do this tour of Europe. I didn't really ask him to do it, but I just wanted to know where his head was at, but he's got a new band that he's doing (DARK NEW DAY) and they're signed to Warner Brothers, and he wants to give it a go just like he did with STEREOMUD. We're all out there working and Corey's like me, he's a workaholic and he's a talented guy and he's a great songwriter and performer who's not gonna wait around the house and wait for it to happen. He's a doer and he's gonna go out there and do it, so he's got his thing. He could probably make time to do it, but my thing is trying to beg Corey to try and take time away from his new record that's coming out this summer, so I'll just use Shawn. I mean, he plays in FOZZY, he plays in THE DUKE, he's played the MOJO live stuff before…he's an amazing player. He's a different bass player than Corey, but Shawn could very well be the nicest guy I've ever been in a band with."

Read Rich Ward's entire interview with at this location.


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