Guitarist 'METAL' MIKE CHLASCIAK: AXL ROSE Is One Of The Best Frontmen I Have Ever Seen

Guitarist "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (HALFORD, PAINMUSEUM, SEBASTIAN BACH) has issued the following update:

"Well, I took my four days of well-needed sleep after the SEBASTIAN BACH/GUNS N' ROSES European tour. I think my alcohol poisoning should be in the control stage now. What a rush. The tour was fantastic, and Axl [Rose] is one of the best [frontmen] that I have ever seen. There are a very few other artists that I met who have that magnetic aura around them. He's one of them, as is The Metal God [Rob Halford].

"I must say that I watched GNR every single night. These guys are electric. The experience reminded me a bit about the HALFORD/IRON MAIDEN tour of 2000/2001 where we played our balls off in front of tens of thousands of people every night. Standing there, playing my flying V with a middle finger in the air for those who thought metal was dead. That was 2000. Welcome to today: 2006. Heavy metal is not coming back, it IS here. No need to say 'Let's keep it alive,' we are over that. We live in the metal world. Just look around … one way to tell is to see a young kid at a mall wearing their EXODUS shirt. That did not happen in 1999. Yeah, some people will wear their newly bought studded belts and jump on the bandwagon, it is to be expected. Fuck, I'd rather see that and laugh silently in victory than to hear people 'doing it for the nookie.'

"Well, back to the tour, our Japanese excursion to play the UDO Music Festivals in between the GNR dates was L-O-N-G. Three plane rides, three airports, four van rides, and a full soundcheck and finally to the hotel. And that was just day one.

"Ask me if I give a shit. The fans are certainly worth it.

"We also shared the stage with THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS …. Goddamn, that was worth it in itself. I think I might have fallen in love with their lead singer. Sorry, Britney. Two days in a row we watched the dolls singing 'Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me'. Got to love it. And I dare to think some of the DOLLS are secret metalheads. Might have to post some pictures, well … maybe not.

"After Japan, we caught up again with GNR for four dates in the UK. Amazing crowds and warm appreciation towards the new songs from the upcoming 'Angel Down' album.

"I was surprised to see Lars from METALLICA show up to the last show at Wembley Arena in London. I could not help but think of what 'Ride The Lightning' did to me as a young metal fan when we spoke for a short while.

"On that note. I recently started to return back to my favorite albums that I grew up on. Still hard to find any albums to date that will top my favorites of 'Ride The Lightning', TESTAMENT's 'The New Order', OVERKILL's 'Taking Over', MEGADETH's 'Peace Sells' or DEATH's 'Symbolic'. Is it me, or what?

"I'm also very happy to announce that my company, C.M.M. Entertainment, LLC, has entered into two new merchandising deals with Balzout and BioWorld. These companies are two leading manufacturers of rock/heavy metal band clothing such as T-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. They take care of everyone from MEGADETH, PANTERA, all the way to LED ZEPPELIN. So, in the very near future we'll have a run of Metal Mike / PAINMUSEUM line of swag across Spencer's, Hot Topic, FYE, Tower Records, Musicland stores or even Kohl's and Target, although I doubt that there will be parking lots full of people at Target looking to get their PAINMUSEUM shirt, ha. But hey, if I can take away shelf space from GREEN DAY and HILARY DUFF, I will.

"I must say that our licensing agents at Paidas Management did a wonderful job putting the deal together. Paidas Management is another industry strength being responsible for all the Orange County Choppers or DOG The Bounty Hunter merchandise deals you see everywhere.

"I'll be attending the Magic Convention in Las Vegas late this month to promote the merchandise line. Magic is a big clothing convention where all the buyers purchase product for the year. I'll do some appearances at the Balzout and BioWorld booths as well as attend a party sponsored by Balzout/Paidas Management at the The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel. Although it will be great to meet all our new associates, for me in a pure fashion this is an excuse to go drinking. So, with the recently announced news of our label Demolition Records moving into new North American distribution deals with Fontana/Universal and EMI in Canada, times are strong for some new music from this side. I'm beginning to put ideas now for an upcoming release that will follow Sebastian's 'Angel Down'.

"PAINMUSEUM's recent EP, 'You Have The Right To Remain Violent', is starting to reach the fans. Both of the PAINMUSEUM releases, 'Metal For Life' and 'You Have The Right To Remain Violent', are available through our new distributor Super D/Phantom Distribution. Super D/Phantom Distribution are one of the largest one-stop distributors in America handling product from Maverick, Jive, TVT, Vivid Video and many others. If you do not see are the PAINMUSEUM album you are looking for, tell the store to order it from Super D. Century Media's CM Distro is doing additional sales on this throughout the world and our usual internet outlets of, or are already offering it.

"I guess that is all for now … in the mean time I'll be doing some playing, recording and light beverage tasting before going to China and Australia with Mr. Bach is September.

"See you on the road."


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