FEAR FACTORY Frontman: 'If OBAMA Did A Tenth Of What TRUMP Is Doing, You'd Be Screaming Impeachment'

FEAR FACTORY Frontman: 'If OBAMA Did A Tenth Of What TRUMP Is Doing, You'd Be Screaming Impeachment'

FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell, who has been "an auxiliary member" of MINISTRY for the past decade, says that he agrees with the political messages imparted by Al Jourgensen on the latter band's latest album, "AmeriKKKant". The disc, which came out last month via Nuclear Blast, has been described as a concept record about the rise and predicted fall of our current president, even going as far as using Donald Trump's (often-manipulated) voice in several songs.

"[Al is] trying to wake people up to understand what we're seeing is not normal," Bell told Metal Injection in a new interview. "If Obama did a tenth of what Trump is doing, you'd be screaming impeachment. If people don't like politics in their music, then they can just listen to the benal music they've been listening to their whole lives."

Asked where he sees the future of this country, Burton said: "I see a civil war happening right now and it's going to get worse. I see that America is going to crumble. But we have to get all those fucking bastards out of government that are bought and paid for. I think the younger generation is seeing it now. The Parkland massacre is waking kids up. They're seeing how corrupt the government and NRA is and nothing is getting done. These people in office need to wake the fuck up because these kids are going to kick their asses out. Something needs to happen. Apathy has been a disease in this country for far too long."

Jourgensen told Lincoln Journal Star that the new MINISTRY song "Antifa" is a biting embrace of the anti-facist movement that hadn't been noticed in the U.S. prior to the rise of Trump.

"We never had it in this country," he said. "People are oblivious to it. We've had fascist presidents before, probably all of them... At least they were in the closet. Now we've got one who's overtly fascist, Mussolini style."

But Jourgensen denied that "AmeriKKKant" is only about Trump. "It's about the whole thing, of voting against ourselves, electing B-movie actors, Reagan, rich oil tycoons and their sons, the Bushes," he explained. "We keep going for it and going for it. It's puzzling to me.

"There's Trump material. It's low-hanging fruit. But I did an anti-Bush trilogy and, by the end, I almost felt sorry for him. He was in over his head. This is about us and what we've done to let this happen."

MINISTRY is currently on the road in support of "AmeriKKKant".

Joining Jougensen in MINISTRY's current touring lineup are Bell, drummer Derek Abrams, live scratcher DJ Swamp (BECK, THE CRYSTAL METHOD), alongside longtime bandmembers Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto on guitars, Tony Campos (FEAR FACTORY, STATIC-X, ASESINO, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY) on bass, and keyboardist John Bechdel (KILLING JOKE, FEAR FACTORY).


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