Ex-SPINESHANK Singer Says His New Band Is 'Heavier Than Anything I Have Ever Done'

Former SPINESHANK frontman Jonny Santos has issued the following update on his SILENT CIVILIANS project:

"Just wanna update everyone on what's happening. As of right now, we have about 13 songs written and we are still going strong six days a week. We want to apologize for the time we are taking, but if there is one thing I've learned in the past it's that you can't force out good music. I will say that the material is very, very heavy. Heavier than anything I have ever done, including SPINESHANK. Don't worry, I still sing in parts, but the music is much more guitar-driven than SPINESHANK was, and there is a lot of double bass and heavy drum playing. This is why I always wanted another guitar player when I was in the SHANK, I just don't think you can compete with only one guitar player in your band unless you're fuckin Dimebag or Eddie Van Halen!!

"Ryan and I both are doing guitar solos in almost every song because I think it's the way it should be. METAL!! The songs average in about 4-6 minutes in length. a few almost 7 minutes. We are writing a record for real metalheads, not the pop culture. There will be no filler on this record at all. Just a full-blown metal assault on your ears and your neighbors ears too!!

"I want to thank [everyone for] the continued support and kind words that we are recieving from all of you and we promise that we wont let you down. When Logan Mader [ex-MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY] came to the studio last week to listen to some songs and start pre-production for the album, he said, and I quote, 'This might be the most exciting thing I have worked on in years.' OK, this is coming from a metal god practically.

"I hope you guys feel the same about the music when it comes out. Now I keep getting asked when we are going to post more music for you crazy people, and if we will be touring your town. We will record a new demo with two songs and post them in a month, and that will be IT untill the record comes out. Sorry, but we dont want to let the cat out of the bag to soon. Better to keep you in suspense anyways!!

"As far as touring, if you live in america, the U.K., most parts of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand... YES we will be touring those places. We plan on hitting the road this summer at some point, and staying on the road for at least a year. Yup we are gonna be some tourin motherfuckers!!

"On another note, please continue to support the mission to end this bullshit war and bring our troops home as well as a non-stop effort to impeach Bush and his cabinet. I cannot express how important it is to expose the true atrocities behind this fucking lunatic we have for a president. 2008 couldn't get here sooner. Hopefully, we will have better choices at that point and more of you will actually vote. Until then, we must speak out and against. This cabinet must know that we are not gonna sit by and be quiet while hundreds of thousands die for huge corporations. We need to let them know that we are not happy about our jobs being outsourced to other countries because corporations are too cheap to pay Americans decent wages. We need them to know that the richer you are the more taxes you should pay so that the middle class family can get ahead in life. We need to let them know that instead of spending $400 billion on a war, we should be spending it on social uplift in poor communities, health care and education.

"OK, I'm done ranting!! I wish you all a great day and give you my love and respect."


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