SLAYER Frontman Answers Fans' Questions

SLAYER frontman Tom Araya recently answered questions from registered members of the group's official forum. A couple of excerpts follow:

Q: Did SLAYER really do a song with Phil Anselmo called "Unscathed"?

Tom (answering through a moderator): No idea. If it was done, it wasn't with Tom. If it was, then it was the other guys from SLAYER. When they were doing "God Hates Us All" something was going on, but can't say for sure if this was it. He doesn't think it was the guys from SLAYER.

Q: What are you opinions on "Divine Intervention" and "Diabolus In Musica"? And what do you think about Paul's [Bostaph] drumming in SLAYER?

Tom (answering through a moderator): He can see how people see those two albums the way they do. "Diabolous" is a very rhythmic album to him. "Divine" is the one (if any) that he would not mind re-mastering. Paul is an awesome drummer. Difference between Paul and Dave [Lombardo] is that Dave has a little more finesse and Paul is more technical. Paul warms up and such, [and is] very disciplined. Equal ability, just difference in style.

Q: Tom, what up-and-coming metal bands do you listen to?

Tom (answering through a moderator): The wife and kids have control of audio in the house and it seems like he has less and less all the time. Listens to more old metal, not so much new. Likes some stuff he's heard, but he's waiting for longevity from some of the new groups. Some bands sound really similar. Have to wait and see what next CD sounds like and where they are at in three years.

Q: I've seen an interview with Tony Iommi from BLACK SABBATH and he was saying how enjoys playing "Paranoid" now as much or even more than he ever has. What old SLAYER song do you enjoy playing that you have grown more fond of as the years have passed?

Tom (answering through a moderator): A lot of "Show no Mercy" and "Hell Awaits" stuff. In Perth [Australia] they did a three-song medley — "Die By the Sword", "Show No Mercy", and "Captor of Sin". "Show No Mercy" preceded by a drum solo to first chords of "Show No Mercy". "Fight till Death", "Die by the Sword", "Black Magic", "The Antichrist" are all old songs that he enjoys playing. They play the stuff a bit faster live than the studio and he just can't get tired of playing them, it's not possible.

Q: Tom, when did you first realise that you had that amazing scream?

Tom (answering through a moderator): Not sure. The "Angel of Death" scream came about in the studio and Jeff said, "I need you to scream right here." "How long?" Tom asks. "I don't' know, but I need you to scream right here." Jeff and Kerry looked at each other when he did it and the second take is the audio that you hear on the CD.

Q: Will you be recording "The Final Six" [leftover track from "Christ Illusion" sessions]? For anything? That could be a great live song! What's your favorite song you guys have covered...

Tom (answering through a moderator): "The Final Six" is going to be worked on and another song that was edited a bit is going to be reworked. Cover song: "Highway Star" by DEEP PURPLE. "Wrathchild" by MAIDEN.

Read the entire interview at this location.

(Thanks: Sadian)


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