SIX FEET UNDER Frontman Talks About Possible CANNIBAL CORPSE 'Reunion, DIMEBAG's Death recently conducted an interview with SIX FEET UNDER frontman Chris Barnes. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: You mentioned the negative aspects and people kind of jumped all over you when you said that "13" was going to be your "Reign In Blood".

Chris Barnes: "I said that it was our 'Reign In Blood' possibly, but I didn't mean that it sounded like it or anything like that. People misinterpret things because there are a lot of people who only look at the one-dimensional side of statements. The same people that really, really truly loved the movie 'Independence Day' (laughs).

"We try to clarify things and make people understand that it's not such an outrageous statement. It's just the feeling behind the album is really good. I think we put all the elements that work well for us together, and I think that's what SLAYER did back in the day with that record. That's just a good feeling, man." When CANNIBAL CORPSE put out the box set about two years ago did you get consulted at all on that? Did you have any input on what was going on there?

Chris Barnes: "Yeah, definitely. They had to get my permission and everything on all that stuff. I mean, I contributed the first live video of us that was included on it." Is the relationship still strained with those guys? Is there a chance that we're going to see you on stage together again?

Chris Barnes: "No man. Every time we see each other, we're all smiles and everything. Nobody is at each other's throats anymore. It's all water under the bridge but, as for getting together, I don't think anyone should hold their breath." Not even a one-off hometown thing or anything like that?

Chris Barnes: "No, I don't think so. It's not something that they want to do. If I was proposed to do something, I'd have a great time doing it and I'd have no problems but I don't think they want to get involved with that." We had a pretty unfortunate thing that happened late last year when Dimebag was shot. When that happened, did it make you re-think the live setting or still contributing with music at all?

Chris Barnes: "It weirded me out because I can picture it. I stood on that stage, 4 or 5 times and played at that club, so, you know, it was just kind of eerie getting that picture in my mind. I know the people that work at that club and I'm good friends with Matt and Tom and stuff so I know the people who were there and everything, so it was kind of disturbing. I got a first hand account of everything because one of my really, really good friends was one of the security guards in the club that chased that guy inside the club so he pretty much told me what happened and you know it made me kind of cringe because I had been on that stage and it just you know, I always thought that someone could do that because people come up on the stage so much during a show, to jump off or stage dive or give you a hug. I know that's exactly what that looked like was he wanted to grab him and give him a hug or something and it wasn't about that. It's horrible, man, horrible. It doesn't even seem like that was real, like that was at another dimension and it just freaks me out thinking about it. I think it's because I've been on that stage, but you can't really change your life because of it. I mean it's a horrible thing but there's really nothing you can do when something like that happened so quick. It's not like the movies where someone pulls out a kung fu move, you know? It's real life and things happen, now it's over."

Read Chris Barnes' entire interview with at this location.


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