PAPA ROACH Frontman: 'We Were Definitely A Nu Metal Band'

In a brand new interview with Bret Vesely of the KUPD radio station, PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix was asked how it felt for the band to be lumped in with all the "nu metal" groups around the time of the release of PAPA ROACH's full-length debut, 2000's "Infest". "It was always a weird thing ...

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Chester Bennington's widow has announced her engagement to her "angel on earth." According to TMZ, Talinda Bennington's fiancé is a Los Angeles County firefighter. Talinda broke the news of her engagement in a Twitter message on Friday (September 6). She wrote: "I am overjoyed to announce my engagement to my angel ...

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TRIXTER Drummer Steps Out Front For New Solo Single, 'With You...'

After rocking the world with MTV hair band TRIXTER for three decades, former New Jersey resident Mark Gus Scott steps out from behind the drums to stand center stage for his lead vocal debut and share something very special. The rock-star-turned-adult-contemporary-solo-artist's latest release, "With You..." , is an emotional, passionate and heartfelt ballad the likes ...

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