HAMMERFALL's JOACIM CANS: 'No One Expected An Album Like 'Glory To The Brave' In 1997'

Power metal was considered outdated when HAMMERFALL released its "Glory To The Brave" debut in 1997. Save for BLIND GUARDIAN, very few power metal acts actually increased in popularity throughout the decade, with the style's pioneering band, HELLOWEEN, struggling to regain footing after lineup changes, and alternative and grunge music taking precedence, effectively pushing out ...

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LINDEMANN Feat. RAMMSTEIN Singer, PAIN/HYPOCRISY Mainman: First Teaser For Second Album

A teaser for what appears to be the new single from LINDEMANN, the project featuring vocalist Till Lindemann of German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN and Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN), is available below. Tägtgren recently confirmed that he produced and mixed LINDEMANN's second album. The follow-up to 2015's "Skills In Pills" is tentatively ...

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TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA's 2019 'Christmas Eve And Other Stories' Tour: BLABBERMOUTH.NET Presale Available

TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA (TSO), the multi-platinum, critically-acclaimed progressive rock group, today announced its highly anticipated winter tour 2019. Returning with all-new staging and effects is the unforgettable show that started it all, "Christmas Eve And Other Stories". TSO's show that started small, performed to 12,000 people in five cities in 1999, which then exploded on to ...

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