Tattoo Artist Creates Portrait Of SLAYER's KERRY KING

Chris Saint Clark is a name spread across many industries, mainly for his fantastic artwork and being an industry renowned tattoo artist specializing in black-and-gray realism and owner of notable Nashville-based tattoo studio Kustom Thrills. He is also a musician, an actor (2015's "The Devil Walks Among Us" and 2014's "Race With The Devil") and ...

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DEVOUR THE DAY Announces One-Of-A-Kind Tour To Honor Fans

Blake Allison and Joey Walser of DEVOUR THE DAY are launching a movement they hope will revolutionize the way musicians engage with their fans. Tired of the same old "rock-star", bandcentric marketing ploys, they've decided to flip the narrative and hit the road this summer to make their community of fans the true stars of ...

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