OZZY OSBOURNE Talks About Cost Of Living, War In Iraq And His Family's Health Scares

The U.K.'s Sunday Mirror recently spoke to Ozzy Osbourne about a number of topics, including the upcoming Royal wedding in Britain, the cost of living, wife Sharon's TV career and the war in Iraq. Several excerpts from the interview follow:

On his "cursed" family home in the English countryside:

"Every time I come back here something f***ed up happens.

"I came back a couple of years ago and broke my neck and f***ked myself up.

"We came back before Christmas and got burgled, and they got away with a s***load of Sharon's jewellery.

"I got back Friday and lit a fire in my room. We got back about twelve o'clock and within hours we had a huge f***ing fire."

"My wife's f***ing candle mad. I don't like them. Candles on a wooden floor — that's a f***ing fire risk."

On cost of living:

"To be honest, I do not understand how working class man lives here [in England]. You've got to buy food for the kids, gotta buy stuff for the house. But the cost is absolutely outrageous.

"It's nuts. I changed $4,000 and I got f***ing £1,800 back.

"What makes me laugh is that over in the States, people chain themselves to the petrol pumps if petrol's put up five cents a gallon. And I just laugh and think: 'You'd hang yourself if you went to England!'

"When I was a kid if you'd have said I would be paying like four quid for a gallon of water I would have said: 'F*** off.' I'd just go to the tap.

"That's got to be the biggest f***ing scam - I mean two-thirds of the f***ing planet is water. It's so f***ing expensive in England — and the only reason I can think why is because we don't have the Euro."

On Prince Charles' upcoming marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles:

"Charles obviously must love her a lot and she loves him — so what's the big deal? Has he got to spend the rest of his life on his own, while sneaking around with her? He's f***ing my age."

"I've met them and she's all right. Camilla gets a bad reputation.

"She's nothing like Diana looks-wise — but he must obviously want to marry her and she wants to marry him.

"So I say f***ing good luck to them."

On wife Sharon's TV career:

"I'm actually not a big TV guy. Sharon's that. She's become Miss F***ing Wonderful and goes on every f***ing show. It's got to a point where I've said you've got to be careful because people are going to f***ing turn on you.

"But then, I think, she was f***ing dying a few years ago so as long as she enjoys it, who cares?

"One minute, I was a rock 'n roll star, the next I'm on the f***ing front page of every magazine in every f***ing country and I'm being chased around. In Boston this woman came up to me and said: 'Ozzy Osbourne. What are you doing in Boston?'

"And I said: 'A show', and this f***ing woman was like: 'A show? What kind of a show?' and I said: 'Rock 'n' roll'

"And she goes 'Wow, do you do that as well?'

"Yeah, like I've only been doing it for 35 years."

On war in Iraq:

"Why the f*** are we in Iraq? When I'm on the road I do a bit of USO (US military overseas) work for the troops. So when we turned up I said: 'Why the f***ing hell did you join?'

"And they would say: 'Well, I live in a small hamlet with a population of 95 and I wanted an education."

"Last year I went to the military hospital in Washington and these f***ing kids, they're not even shaving yet, have had their eyes blown out and their arms blown off. I'm thinking this is wrong.

"Why are we still there — after all, we've liberated the f***ing country, haven't we?

"They're after Osama bin Laden and they go: 'Okay, we haven't got Bin Laden yet so we'll invade Iraq.'

"It's like saying: 'There's a war in Scotland so we'll invade Wales.'

"So why did we invade? Oh, Saddam Hussein looks bad.

"Well they all f***ing look bad so it's like, what the f*** was that all about? So anyone that looks bad you think is a bad person.

"But I don't think many politicians would send their own f***ing kids into Iraq.

"They should bring our kids home. I'm really strong about that, you know."

On his own cancer scare after a scan discovered a polyp.

"So they took it out and sent it to the pathology lab. Thankfully, then I got the all clear.

"The biggest shock was Sharon [being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002]. You feel like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest because you can't do f*** all."

On celebrating one year free of drink and drugs:

"I was killing myself every f***ing day with drugs and alcohol. At one point, I drank four bottles of Hennessy cognac a day — and cocaine, speed, whatever. I'm a singer, but I smoked around the clock."

"I consider myself living on borrowed time now, do you know what I mean?"


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