OBITUARY members John Tardy and Trevor Peres, along with Danny Lilker (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ex-BRUTAL TRUTH) and Danny Diablo (a.k.a. Lord Ezec of SKARHEAD/CROWN OF THORNZ) will be making guest appearances in the video for hardcore Brooklyn rapper NECRO's track "Empowered". The video shoot will take place on Saturday (Oct. 2) in New York City.

"Empowered" is the first single off NECRO's brand-new CD, "The Pre-Fix For Death", out now on Psycho-Logical Records. The album features additional guest appearances by Jamey Jasta and Sean Martin of HATEBREED, Sid Wilson of SLIPKNOT and Away of VOIVOD.

In a recent interview with Australia's Shock Records, Necro was asked how he managed to land collaborations with some of metal's most respected artists.

"Sid (DJ Starscream) from SLIPKNOT had contacted me cuz he was a fan and invited me to hang with him backstage at Ozzfest," Necro explained. "That's where it first started. Then I saw Sean Martin of HATEBREED wearing a NECRO shirt in Metal Hammer magazine, so I knew shit was getting ill cuz metal cats were giving me love and these people were established. Next I heard Jamey Jasta said in some interviews he is a fan of my music, so I hooked up on some music shit with Lord Ezec (SKARHEAD/CROWN OF THORNZ) at Sabac's birthday party cuz he was friends with Ezec for years.

"Ezec rolls with Jamey Jasta and all these hardcore kids from New York that we knew from back in the day when we would play L'Amours all the time in our death metal band. I’m also down with the guy that does HATEBREED's videos, Dale Restagini, so through Dale and Ezec I ended up chilling with Jamey and Sean from HATEBREED at the Roseland Ballroom. We all clicked cuz they understand old school metal like me and bill do so we linked up.

"Jamey did a hook on my album, Sean came through and played guitar, then Ezec got on a track, so I reached out to Dan Lilker cuz I had always been a fan of NUCLEAR ASSAULT, and one of my death metal friends named Sleazy Roy hooked up the link with Dan. Dan needed to hear some music, he heard it and was down. Then Ezec told me Trevor Peres from OBITUARY was into my track 'Bury You With Satan', now I’m into OBITUARY for years so I was buggin' out!

"It turns out this metal publicist named Michael Mazur who I had been trying to get to do my metal PR sent Trevor my CD, so Trevor knew my shit when Ezec kicked it with him. So while Sean Martin was in the studio laying shit down for my album he called up Trevor, I played 'Stinkupuss' on bass for him over the phone and told him I want him to be on the album, he was down and boom, that’s how that happened. While I was making all these collabos happen, I got at Sid from SLIPKNOT to give me a beat for my album, I eventually got the beat from him for my album and while he was in town he cut on a track with Away from VOIVOD on drums, Dan on bass, Trevor on guitar and John Tardy on vocals.

"I didn’t use the Sid beat on my album, but I did use Sid's cuts, his beat will be on the 'Circle Of Tyrants' album as I didn’t have enough time to rock his beat for this album. I hooked up with John Tardy from OBITUARY because we needed a singer for 'Empowered' (the track John named but it wasn't 'Empowered' at the time, just a track), so Trevor suggested John I told him awesome cuz I love John Tardy, so that's how that happened.

"Away from VOIVOD got down first because my brother Bill had Away draw the NON-PHIXION logo as the original VOIVOD logo, so I wanted to get Away to draw me some artwork for shit since he was so ill, he ended up drawing me a logo for my 'Secret Society' album. I then asked Away if he would be down to rock some drums on the album, he was down and the rest is history.

"So basically, everything led to this step by step, person by person, and its awesome because I love all these metal cats from a fan perspective because I grew up on their music and I’m influenced by their shit, so it’s great to work with them. This is only the beginning of many more collabos to come. I'm a hustler and a grinder, and these cats have integrity so they wouldn't work with anything they didn't feel, so you know shit is from the heart, all of us working together."

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