MY RUIN Frontwoman To Begin Laying Down Vocals This Weekend

MY RUIN lead vocalist Tairrie B., who was "seriously injured" in a car accident in late September, has issued the following message via the group's MySpace page:

"I went to the doctors this last week for my first check-up after the graft. The skin on my leg where they took some skin for my arm is healing nicely. Not much bleeding anymore just a lot of dry blood. It now looks and feels like a badass sunburn.

"As far as my arm goes, the doctor said that it is healing nicely, and as it is supposed to. Where the skin was attached stapled and sewn however, my arm is a still a long while away from normal. I am still very swollen and numb in certain areas. I have to say, this is all so intense. At times overwhelming. Every day is a new journey and discovery.

"Over the weekend Mick [Murphy, guitar] and Chris [Lisee, bass] helped me conquer my fear. I finally looked at the photos. We started with the most recent ones and went back to the beginning. I have to admit, it was scary. Seeing my wounds so vivid, deep and in detail was a bit horrific. I have been feeling so disconnected from my arm. Maybe it's all the medication. Maybe it was my mind. Maybe it was a little bit of many things combined. Whatever it was, it held me captive for what felt like a long time. I haven't allowed myself to embrace it until now.

As I write this....I am at peace with it.

"'Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.' ~Tori Amos~

"This Wednesday, All Saints Day, I will be getting the white bandages removed as well as the stitches and staples they tell me. I will be coming home with a clear plastic wrap on my arm. Most of the dead skin will be gone and I will be forced to see it up close and personal. Thankfully the photos helped me to prepare. Wednesday will also be my first day in rehab.

"I have decided to keep to our schedule and go into the studio this Sunday, November 5th to begin recording vocals for our new album. I am going in with an open mind and heart. I have no idea what to expect or how my arm is going to react. I am hoping that whatever pain I do feel will guide me through the music and make my words even more meaningful. If, by chance, I am unable to make it through recording because my body is not yet ready.... we will simply reschedule and I will rest until it is.

"I don't want to freak everyone out but I am living this in the open. I am not hiding because I'm not afraid of what some may think. I never have been. I want you to know what has happened to me. The real me.

"I have put together a few photos of my arm. They begin from the day I came home from the hospital up to this last week after my final surgery. You can see the changes as they happen. After looking at all the photos, I still cannot believe Mick dressed my wounds for me everyday. I don't know how he did it but he is my hero.

"The following slideshow is VERY graphic. Please know this before you watch it.

"Many of you have been writing me letters with your own stories so I know that there will be people who will relate.

"For those who have sent me love, support and prayers.... keep it coming because I feel it all.

"They tell me this is the hardest part.

"LOVE saves. LOVE heals. LOVE motivates. LOVE unites. LOVE returns us to our origins and here lies the ultimate act of SAVING of HEALING, of overcoming the FEAR. The greatest THERAPY is FRIENDSHIP."

Check out Tairrie's pictures at this location.


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