LIZZY BORDEN's 2008 Year-End Review

LIZZY BORDEN frontman/namesake has issued the following update:

"As we are plotting and planning LIZZY BORDEN's 2009 assault on the world, I can't help but reflect about what 2008 has brought to us and what we gave to it with our blood, sweat and tears… Okay, so we didn't cry, but there were times when we wanted to.

"Our latest recording, 'Appointment with Death', came out on October 30, 2007 so I more or less consider it a 2008 release. Our video for 'Tomorrow Never Comes' was up for best video of the year on MTV2 'Headbangers Ball', and radio is playing more new and older LIZZY BORDEN then they have in a long while. By the looks of things, I'd say we are back with a vengeance!

"The tour of the U.S. took us from L.A. to New York and back again in every different direction you can imagine. A simple tour… yet we logged more then 11,000 miles! If that didn't kill us, nothing will.

"Touring with a bunch of monsters was really great! And I'm not talking about my band; I'm talking about the Finnish band LORDI. Under those masks are a group of really cool people and it was a pleasure being on the road with them and their crew, I'm sure we will do it again at some point down the road; it was too good of a match up not to. I think we gained some new younger fans and shored up the respect from our older fans, and that's more then you can expect from a one-night stand.

"The routing on the Europe side was none too kind to us as well. With only a couple of days off from the U.S. tour, we boarded a plane for Europe to conquer countries we have never played before.

"Exhaustion notwithstanding, we brought the LIZZY BORDEN show ready to bleed all over eight of our favorite new countries, and bleed we did, real and fake. We are a danger to ourselves onstage and we have the scars to prove it, but it's the only way we know how to do it — death before dishonor.

"I made it though the U.S. side of the tour and about half of the Europe side without getting sick, but then! When one person gets sick, we all get sick; we're like a traveling Bubonic plague. But this is the job; there is no calling in sick (even for the singer), although I'm seriously thinking about that Michael Jackson mask on the next tour.

"The European fans are different in only one way — they come to the show with such a positive attitude (singing before the show) that they already know the show is going to be good before we even start the intro tape. That's very strange for a band like us who always fights for every drop of reaction. I kept telling them to scream but they couldn't hear me because they already were.

"All in all, the LIZZY BORDEN machine traveled over 30,000 miles in planes, trains, automobiles and boats as well as our own feet (running through airports trying to catch connecting flights).

"We want to thank all the LIZZY BORDEN fans on both the U.S. side and the Europe side for coming out and supporting us with your loud voices.

"Most bands that have been around for a while do not get the kind of reception for new material that you gave to us; we thank you for that as well.

"LIZZY BORDEN in 2009: The first thing on the agenda is releasing our new video for the song 'Under Your Skin' (which incidentally was one of the best received songs in the set for this tour). The video is a powerful piece about an unbelievable phenomenon that is happening all over the world and almost no one is noticing, except for me, of course. More about that later.

"After a very short holiday break, I am back to work writing new songs. I want the live feel from the tour to seep into the new songs, so I'm writing like crazy before it wears off.

"It looks like we are heading back to Germany in April for the Keep it True festival and possibly another mini-tour of Europe. Keep checking our site for new tour dates. Also keep a lookout on our site for our relaunch of all of the old t-shirt designs from the past, from the 'Love You To Pieces' / 'Menace To Society' / 'Visual Lies' / 'Master Of Disguise' era — coming soon.

"There'll be some major announcements regarding shows in the U.S. and other really interesting developments for LIZZY BORDEN upcoming in the days and weeks ahead.

"2009 promises to be a very active year for us with new music, new videos, and yes more shows all around the world. We hope to see you all this year."'s Elena Mihailidou and Vassilis Mazaris conducted an interview with Lizzy Borden on December 15, 2008 when the singer and his band performed for the first time ever in Greece. Watch the 21-minute chat below.


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