LACUNA COIL's FERRO Talks About Songwriting Process For New Album

LACUNA COIL's male singer Andrea Ferro recently answered a number of questions submitted by the group's fans via the web site regarding the songwriting process for LACUNA COIL's forthcoming album. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: So, how's the new music coming along then? How's that creativity?

Ferro: "So far, we've been in an amazing creative mood. We really have this flowing creativity that we didn't expect, because we took a break after all the touring and the shows and then we just waited a bit before we met again in the practice room just to, you know, clear the air, the mind and change a bit of your lifestyle, don't live the same situation every day. So we just try to live our lives and solve all the situations we have back home, you know, pay all the bill family and everything. And then, after the Christmas break we met again and started working [on] some ideas, like the first ideas for songs that Marco [Coti Zelati; bass] and Maus [Biazzi; guitar] came up with, and just start going to the practice room. We basically wanna do something different. We try also to change a bit of the process of the songwriting." Has anything in particular inspired you with the music that you've put together so far?

Ferro: "Yeah, as I say we've tried to change a bit the way of working compare to the past. For example, when we did the 'In a Reverie' album, we were all jamming, finding ideas and work the songs in the practice room all together. Then, for example, 'Unleashed Memories' and 'Comalies', we started to work more on the PC. Marco, or Maus, they were writing songs on the computer and pass it to me and Cristina [Scabbia; vocals] and then we just get back our ideas. Only when we had more or less a complete song we were going to the practice room and rehearse all the songs together then fixed all the parts and roles and write the lyrics. So this time around, we wanted to get back to jam all together in the practice room but that didn't really work out for us, because we were just not used anymore to jam for hours and then come up with ideas. There are too many elements now in our music to do that, so we tried again to work with the computer and then decide we would work the vocals together in the rehearsal place me, Marco and Cristina especially and then the rest of the guys for the music and arrangements. Basically we are all finding some ideas back home, then work the structure of the song in the practice room. Like go there and let everybody listen your ideas, then decide which part fits the chorus, or fits the bridge or the verse, then re-arrange it together, and this way so far the vocals have been much more fluent and consistent compared to the past; we didn't just incorporate some parts but we tried to build it together and give it a good flow. So we have basically changed the approach. The more we work the more the songs sounds verytight. The music is very fluent." Do you think it will change the mood of the music? I mean, what kind of direction do you feel you are going with the music now?

Ferro: "Hmmm. That is not easy to say because every song we have done so far is quite different from the other ones. At the moment, we have a couple of more classical ballads those are more in our style and then we've got like two or three songs which are more rock-orientated still heavy, but with a very fluent sound. It's more about the vocals than the music. And then we have another song which is more heavy, and has more focus on the arrangement and the instrumental parts. All the three types of songs we have at the moment are quite different."

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