Former DEATH ANGEL Drummer Says Poor Communication Contributed To His Departure

Former DEATH ANGEL drummer Andy Galeon was interviewed for episode 21 of Metal Rules! Radio. The entire podcast can now be streamed using the audio player below.

When asked about his departure from DEATH ANGEL, Galeon replied, "We had a tour booked, and basically, I had personal things I had to deal with — I had a newborn baby — and I just was like, 'Well, I've gotta do stuff at home.' We [the members of DEATH ANGEL] weren't communicating well or nothing. I wasn't about to ask them to not go [on the road], so I just said, 'I'll just leave then.' I even pointed out a few [other drummers] from the [San Francisco] Bay Area that could be a fill-in or a replacement, whatever you wanna call it. I mentioned Chris Kontos [MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT], I mentioned Will Carroll [OLD GRANDAD, SCARECROW, VICIOUS RUMORS, MACHINE HEAD], and I think there was another guy... I know they were gonna go with Will, because Ted [Aguilar], the rhythm guitar player [for DEATH ANGEL], has played with him in a bunch of bands — he even plays with him in SCARECROW, so I knew it would be easier. They went and did the tour and they also went to Mexico, and that's where it stands now."

Regarding whether he envisioned his departure to be temporary or permanent, Andy stated, "Well, I just quit. There were things that weren't dealt with when Den [former DEATH ANGEL bassist Dennis Pepa] quit, and we were trying to deal with it, but you know how communication is. It's like with a marriage — some people don't see the same page. Everyone is looking at one piece of paper and everyone has a different idea about it. I mean, it is what it is. And I don't know what's gonna happen in the future, but we'll see what happens." He added, "I've been recording with people and doing some production stuff here and there, and working on some CDs and stuff... Giving drum lessons and everything. [But] you never know what the future holds."

Q: You guys are family. You would think you guys could work it out [among yourselves]?

Galeon: "Yeah, you would think. [laughs] Everyone always says that but, to me, sometimes being family, it makes it harder for some reason. I don't know why, but it's just that way sometimes. Imagine being in a band with your brother for over 20 years, jamming with the same guy. You know every little quirk, you know every little thing that pisses him off, and you press those buttons when you have to, and he presses your buttons when he has to... I don't know what it is, man. You'd think we'd communicate more, but at times it's not that way. Musically, we always communicate pretty well; I mean, everything goes smoothly, [and] we push each other musically. I'm on every song that D.A. has ever released, as well as written."

Speaking to Contraband Candy's René Ackermann at this year's Metalcamp festival (which was held on July 2-8, 2009 in Tolmin, Slovenia), DEATH ANGEL singer Mark Osegueda stated about Galeon's decision to leave the band, "[Touring] was always hard on Andy. And when he started having children, it got a bit more difficult. And by the [time he had his] second [kid], you could just see he wasn't happy on the road. Amazing drummer, but just not happy on the road; the road's not for everyone. It's easier when you're 18 to 22, and it's much more difficult when you have children and you're trying to pay mortgages and what-not. Unfortunately, he had hit his wall, and then we got Will Carroll, who's been part of the San Francisco metal scene for years. And we just got him to start filling in, and it's been going great. He brings a great thrash element to the band; it's kind of kicked it up a notch. It's been incredible. And the energy we have on stage now, it's just kind of undeniable."

Andy Galeon interviewed on Metal Rules! Radio (click on player below to launch audio):


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