FASTER PUSSYCAT Frontman Slams Former Bandmates For Starting Their Own Version Of Group recently conducted a brief interview with notoriously outspoken FASTER PUSSYCAT frontman Taime Downe. Several excerpts follow: Why was there such a significant length of time between official releases?

Taime: "Well, there wasn't a band. We didn't start playing together again until 2001. I have been doing PIGFACE and THE NEWLYDEADS since '94. It was fun. I still tour with them. I'm still friends with them. That was twelve years ago. It doesn't seem that long ago, but it is. I might even do a PIGFACE tour next year. I like to keep all of my options open, ya know? It's more fun that way. It breaks the monotony up." What are your feelings on Brent and Greg starting their own version of the group?

Taime: "Brent's full of shit. He's a fuckin' liar. It's like whatever, man. FASTER PUSSYCAT is my band and what they're doing is bullshit. It's all being taken care of now by our attorneys." So there's absolutely no chance the original line-up will ever reconcile their differences?

Taime: "Why would I reconcile with a sneaky little prick, ya know? There's just no way. He's a person that only gives a shit about himself. I have a band called FASTER PUSSYCAT and he decides to put together his own version? He's a sneaky little liar. Why would I want to play in a band with that guy? He said he sent out a letter asking us to join FASTER PUSSYCAT. You're asking me to join my own band? What kind of crap is that? Whatever. We have our attorneys on it." All things considered, it's sad it's had to come to this…

Taime: "Yes it is, but I didn't go behind the backs of the rest of the guys in the band and do this. I didn't go out and hire a guy that was fired from the band originally. It's just stupid, but it's all going to court now." How big of a distraction have the legal proceedings been for you?

Taime: "Well, it's just been within the last few months. It's been a pain in the ass because we were getting ready to do our own tour. So we put in on hold and changed our booking agent. I don't know… it's just been a kind of thorn in the side. That's about it." Was there a conflict of interest with the booking agent and the two versions of the group?

Taime: "No. We fired him and then they went and got Brent to do FASTER PUSSYCAT. They're both in trouble. I can't really talk about that stuff right now because it's getting ready to go." At this point, what is your least favorite aspect of touring?

Taime: "Just having a crummy agent, ya know? It was good and then they started booking us into some crummy places. Other than that, touring is a blast because you get to get out and play in front of people, meet new people and travel. I love traveling, so… There's nothing really bad about touring unless you pull into someplace and they don't have an adequate sound system or something like that where it makes you not able to do what you do best. Other than that, touring is great. I love it. It's one of the best parts about being in a rock 'n' roll band…" Have you begun writing material for the follow up to "The Power And The Glory Hole"?

Taime: "We're working on a live record. It might be a DVD. We've already got it recorded. We're just mixing it and editing it. Some of the things need to be fixed because we had some technical shit happen at some of the shows. We've been workin' on tracks. I've been workin' on tracks since we got home. We still haven't really done a real tour for this record yet. We were supposed to go out in January, but then we had to deal with all this bullshit, so we out it off until summer. In the meantime, I've been working on songs, so when it comes time to do another record, I'll have a bunch of new stuff ready to go."

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