DARKTHRONE's NOCTURNO CULTO Discusses Upcoming Album

NocturnalCult.com recently conducted an interview with DARKTHRONE guitarist/vocalist Nocturno Culto. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Q: I understand you are basically finished recording your new album, tentatively titled "The Cult is Alive", which seems pretty straightforward for an album title from you guys. Can you tell us a little about it and how it compares to the rest of your albums? Also what are some of the song titles?

Nocturno Culto: "Yeah, you're right, we're almost finished. Two songs left to record. The title will of the album will tell you lots more once you've heard the album. The album was supposed to have 11 tracks, but that is now reduced to 10. The 11th song will appear exclusively for our single alongside a cover song (won't tell you the name of the band yet). Those two tracks are only for the single, but it will also contain one song from the album, only slightly different. Fenriz also does some vocals for the album and single, and, guitar solos are also the new agenda. Things are for sure happening. Oh, did I mention a music video? We’ll make a LOW-BUDGET video, no fancy glitter and glamour here. We must make sure the necro and cold music parade through an otherwise fancy and plastic scene. All this single and video stuff is only meant for this time only. We must set our mark. Some titles for the album: 'Too Old Too Cold', 'Graveyard Slut' and….hmmm 'The Cult of Goliath'."

Q: How has the transition been from Moonfog back to Peaceville? I take it they will release your new album. Why did you leave Moonfog? I personally was not a huge fan of the direction it seemed they were going in.

Nocturno Culto: "The reasons are many. The transition is great for us, we have had ups and downs in our relationship with Peaceville, but the downs was only present in '93-'94, after that it has been great, so this is just a natural thing to do. They and we (Tyrant Syndicate Prod) will release the new album, yes."

Q: How is Tyrant Syndicate going? What will be your next release/signing? Also do you have any words regarding Agressor's (AURA NOIR) injury?

Nocturno Culto: "The Syndicate is going fine indeed. We have just signed OLD from Germany, and you'll definitely gonna be in awe after they release their debut early next year. They know what they want, they don't mess around trying to be great, but they are a fantastic band which we are really looking forward to release. ABSCESS is also in talks with us, and it’s no denying we're huge fans. And that band has a great story, ever since Reifert drummed his way through 'Scream Bloody Gore', the first DEATH album. We're not able to sign much more for now, lots of work to be done, and since AURA NOIR also is up to something these days, it'll be enough for now. Aggressor is doing really fine, and we are all very optimistic for him. He's a fighter. I've visit as often as I can, and he seems to recover each time I 'pop' by."

Read the entire interview at NocturnalCult.com.


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