DAN SWANÖ: 'I Have Done So Much Lately, It Is Hard To Keep Track'

Finnish Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH, PAN THY MONIUM) fan site Swano.tk recently conducted an interview with Swanö about the projects he is currently involved in, both as a producer and as a performing musician. A couple of excerpts from the question-and-answer session follow:

Q: You are probably busy with all kinds of stuff. What different projects do you have right now?

Dan: "I have done so much lately, it is hard to keep track, but I will try to remember. I moved to my new flat, which consists of two completely separate rooms (for tax reasons) — one that I live and sleep in, one that I work in. The workspace is designed as a mixing room with great soundproofing. I can now [put] a 100 dB in there are bother no one!! The last year I have mixed albums with EDEN'S FALL, THE PROJECT HATE, ANOTHER LIFE, RIBSPREADER, PAGANIZER (and some more projects from the Rogmaster), HEARSE, MISERY SPEAKS, SHADOWSPHERE, MILLENCOLIN. [I also] recorded and coached the vocals for the new project from the MILLENCOLIN guitarist Mathias. Remixed two tracks with PAIN. I have mastered stuff like crazy lately. MEMFIS (really, really good band; must be checked out by fans of OPETH and similar), OVERFLASH, KATAR, ARKONA, GOD AMONG INSECTS, STEEL ASSASSIN, IMMORTAL RITES, and many, many more. I am currently working with the latest project from RIBSPREADER Rogga. I play drums and keyboards and will mix and master the whole thing. Johan Berglund from THIS HAVEN will play bass and Rogga [will] play guitar and sing. There might be an addition of a lead guitarist as well… not sure yet. Then, of course, in the midst of all this chaos, I have to look of for the SECOND SKY album which celebrates its second-year birthday as a record not finished around these days (end of May). I hope to have this album ready within a year, but I make no promises. I need this album to be the one I pick for the grave. NIGHTINGALE enter the studio in two weeks. We rehearsed today and after a few adjustments to the final tracks, I must say that the material is rock-solid ass-kick rock!!!"

Q: If I, or anyone else, would like to use your services, how would that happen? How long are your delivery times etc.?

Dan: "I am really fast. If the album is recorded the way I ask you guys to, I would say a max of 4-5 days for a mix for a 45-minute album. But I give the bands the chance to correct the mixes until they are 100% satisfied. It can be a pain in the ass, but the moment they really cannot find anything they wanna change, based on the sound in their own home hi-fi, makes me so happy and proud, it's worth all the hard work."

Read the entire interview at www.swano.tk.

(Thanks: Siria / www.konzi-tip.de)


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