CRO-MAGS legend Harley Flanagan has hit back at the BLABBERMOUTH.NET detractors who have posted negative comments about his latest project — a "Hardcore Hall of Fame" web site dedicated to sharing information about some of hardcore music's earliest and most influential artists. In an e-mail sent to BLABBERMOUTH.NET, Harley wrote, "I'm glad to see a lot of you have checked out my site, To all you who like the direction it's going in, thanks. To all the people talking shit, EAT A DICK. Any ideas or suggestions feel free to send them to the webguy.

"About the 'Hardcore Hall of Fame' site… First of all, I didn't read everyone's comments — I don't have time — but let me just say, I called it the 'Hardcore Hall of Fame' for one reason and one reason only... no, make that two: 1) so it would get hits and 2) because if I didn't do it, someone else would have started something like that sooner or later. So, I figured since I was actually around back then (I was a punk rocker at age 10 in 1977 and was part of the first generation of HC in '79-'80), before someone who wasn't around back then does it and doesn't do the bands or the right people credit, I should do it and just let the stories tell themselves.

"It's not a place for every asshole with a comment to post shit about an era they missed like most of you guys talkin shit! Ha ha ha. It's for people who where there and contributed to the music. But we will have a message board up for that soon! Ha ha ha so… So all you assholes can all talk shit there. Ha ha ha! This thing is to let the people who where there tell it in their words, not mine.

"One of you dummies made a comment that it's only MY friends on it. Ha ha. I am not playing favorites. There's a lot of people I haven't been able to reach yet. I have tried to reach quite afew bands and people for this that I do not like, there's a lot of people I'm trying to get for this thing that I cant contact, and some of the guys I got in contact with I didn't know back then, so no, that is not the case. But YES, so far this is a site with mostly my friends on it 'so far.' The fact is I don't know how to reach many people that aren't my friends. DICKHEAD!

"I started out by e-mailing two old friends of mine, Henry [Rollins] and Darryl [Jenifer, BAD BRAINS]. They both got right back to me and this thing has just grown from there. I knew a lot of obvious ones that would be easy like Jimmy [Gestapo, MURPHY'S LAW], Roger [Miret, AGNOSTIC FRONT], Vinnie [Stigma, AGNOSTIC FRONT] etc. I contact those I know how to reach as I get more contacts I get in touch with them it's very simple. This thing is slowly creating itself. So get off the dick. Why do people who never did shit always gotta talk shit through a screen? Fuck you! It was just a place for old friends of mine to tell stories and people who where around instead of some writer or journalist or dickhead on a computer who wasn't around. And talking out of their ass!

"I don't decide who gets in the 'Hall of Fame' thing. And just 'cause you got a page up in it don't make you in the so called 'Hall of Fame,' it's the bands that the people I talk to like the ones that influenced 'them,' the ones they give props to that get in or 'inducted,' ha ha, if you wanna call it that.

"When I ask them who are their top 10 bands, etc. etc., that's who winds up in, etc. etc. etc. So whatever. So all you dickheads talking shit, ha ha, fuck off and keep typing. Just like the old quote, 'What the fuck have YOU done?' Ha ha ha.

"I'll do this thing. I was there, it's for people who where there to write what they want, so assholes like you who 'think you know' can learn what hardcore was about!

"It's not like I'm blowing my own horn on this thing — I don't even have a fuckin' page up on it yet, ha ha ha, so keep talkin' bullshit, ha ha ha. Anyway, it was just an idea I had a forum for people who 'were around in the beginning,' and I'm putting it together slowly.

"You gotta have some ideas or some way to put it together, etc. This is just how it came together. It's not so much a 'Hall of Fame' in the normal sense or whatever — it's a place for people who contributed 'enough' to this form of music to 'have an opinion that matters,' unlike most of you, ha ha ha. 'Cause I got sick of reading shit by assholes who don't know nothing! Be it in books or online by losers who never did shit. That's why you gotta have been on the scene for at least 15 years to have a page up, that way we weed out the people with oppinions and nothing else who come and go and do or did nothing from the people that are still remembered 15 years later! Remembered and respected by their PEERS!!! Will any of you shit-talkers be remembered in 15 years?? I doubt it, ha ha ha, so fuck you. I get respect from the people that I respect, That's al that matters to me. You fuckers are just jerk-offs with 'screen names,' ha ha ha.

"I was looking up available domain names and I was thinking of all the most obvious ones so as it would get a lot of hits (of course, I'm not dumb). I was surprised that no one owned such an obvious one as, I figured some new-jack hardcore kid ore some porn site would have to own it... a good one, an 'obvious' one. You don't get any more obvious then that!! Christ!! Ha ha ha.

"Now the idea is that people who actually were major contributors to the early HC movement would be involved with this thing so in a way it is a 'hall of fame.' Call it whatever you want. All you people talking a lot of shit are just new-jack dickheads. It's all good, I don't mind. I'm used to being criticized by no-name assholes sitting on the computer with no face and no history. But anyway, the people I have contacted so far are the people I had access to. Fortunately, I know quite a few people, and more and more are getting back to me everyday and this thing is growing all the time. But it's still in the works!!!

"I have contacted a lot of other people who have responded but haven't filled out their page yet. I'm still waiting on quite a few very important people keep checkin back and you'll see who.

"And hey, ha ha, the guy who said 'I bet John [Joseph, ex-CRO-MAGS frontman] wont get in,' ha ha ha, yo, if any of the bands I speak to give him props, ha ha ha, then I guess he will, but none of the really old-school cats have mentioned him yet. What can I say? Ha ha. Eventually he'll probably be in it too?!!? I don't edit this thing.. I have been trying to contact a lot of bands that I don't have access to and can't reach yet. I DON'T HAVE EVERY BAND THAT EVER EXISTED's E-mail address. I'm not leaving people out on purpose! It's just taking its time coming together. I have to make sure I'm actually in contact with the real people, so it's been mostly friends of mine and through who they can contact me with and so on and on, so I don't get some fraud online pretending. I'm sure you know all about that shit.

"So all you idiots, get off my dick and stop criticizing everything I do and do something your fucking damn selves other than talking shit. Try saying something good for a change. ha ha ha. I have been making punk rock and HC music since I was 10 years old!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!!! I'm 37, I have a family, kids. Fuck all of you assholes who think you're cool. Someday you'll grow up and realize you never were. Ha ha ha. It's all good. Fuck off, have fun, and get off the dick and do something worthwhile yourselves, for a change, and maybe someday people will talk as much shit online about you as you do about me. Ha ha ha. 10, 20 years from now. Ha ha ha.

"Yo, to all those that have supported me and who support what I do and or some of what I have done, thank you all and to those who always gotta talk shit... EAT A DICK!

"Keep checking back to the site, There will be more people and more pages going up all the time!!! We still have a bunch that haven't gone up yet!

"I'm not doing this site to be a part of the hardcore soap opera (I have been there, done that), I'm doing it to give props to the people I respect and give them a place to give props to their influences and people they RESPECT! So keep checking back.

"Peace to all my friends and those who have supported me. Thanx."


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