BACH: I've Sold 22 Million SKID ROW Records And If Fans Don't Get 'Angel Down', It's Their Loss

Mick Burgess of Norway's Metal Express Radio recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW vocalist Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Express Radio: Do you think it's important in this day and age to be able to offer something extra to the fans to encourage fans to buy the product rather than downloading it?

Bach: I've sold 22 million SKID ROW records and if the fans don't get [Bach's new solo album] "Angel Down", then it's their loss. It is just as good, if not better than those records, and I should know — I've heard those records a million times and I've heard "Angel Down" a million times and it's right up there with them. If you've spent 15 years listening to "Slave To The Grind" then it's your loss not getting "Angel Down". It's really, really good. All the fans keep telling me it is and the reviews do too.

Metal Express Radio: "Angel Down" [was] released in the UK on DR2 Records which is linked to Demolition Records. How did you get involved with Demolition?

Bach: Demolition offered me a record deal at the time when Spitfire was giving me a deal. Both are labels from the UK. Demolition picked up because the people that work at EMI in the UK must be brain dead or something. EMI has the right to put out my record everywhere in the world and they put it out everywhere except the UK. I can't understand why they didn't put it out especially after we'd sold out two nights at Wembley and me and Axl [Rose] did a record together so I'm sure most of them would be interested in getting this so I don't know how many nights you have to sell out before they'll put your record out.

Metal Express Radio: Do you think being a priority act on a specialist hard rock label is more beneficial to you than being one of many artists on a major label who in many cases don't know how to market rock bands?

Bach: What label would not want to release the new Axl Rose material?? Forget about me — there's three songs on there with Axl Rose that people will want to hear. That's nuts. EMI's loss is DR2's gain.

Metal Express Radio: You've always seemed to be a music fan who found himself in a successful rock band and you never seem to have lost your enthusiasm for other bands. Your love of KISS and RUSH, amongst others, is well known. Do you still feel that sense of excitement when you hear some great music that makes you sit up and take notice?

Bach: I listen to music constantly. My iPod is always on. If I'm in the dressing room before the gig I'll be cranking out heavy metal from HATEBREED, OZZY to MALICE, EZO to ANVIL and MANOWAR's "Battle Hymns"; it's just so heavy, we all love it. In my iPod, I've got HATEBREED next to HELLYEAH next to HANOI ROCKS, so with a little flick of my thumb I can listen to something that was recorded today or something that was recorded 25 years ago. I don't analyze what I listen to, I just listen to what I want. I just love music.

Read the entire interview from Metal Express Radio.


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