ALL THAT REMAINS Frontman: There's Nothing Wrong With Having A Gun In Your Car Or In Your Desk

ALL THAT REMAINS Frontman: There's Nothing Wrong With Having A Gun In Your Car Or In Your Desk

Artisan News recently conducted an interview with vocalist Phil Labonte, guitarist Mike Martin and bassist Aaron Patrick of ALL THAT REMAINS. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On being outspoken and having controversial opinions:

Phil: "I guess I don't… Maybe I'm just stupid and I don't think very much. That's probably the easiest thing to say. You know, just be, like, 'Whatever.' Maybe it's just genuinely that I really don't care. There's so many people and there's so many opinions. When the Internet first started and people started getting on message boards and stuff, I was on there, so I was one of the first people to learn that everybody hates you [laughs], and don't think that they don't, 'cause they'll let you know. So I guess I've got thick skin and I don't care if people are gonna criticize me or not."

On whether the recent Paris concert attack has changed the way they approach security at shows:

Phil: "It doesn't change a lot."

Mike: "No. Everyone keeps saying it's gonna change security and all that forever, and I don't think that's gonna happen either. 'Cause they said the same thing after the Dimebag thing happened, and every club we play, there's some zombie working the back door of the club, not paying attention to anything. So I don't see how they're gonna… Everyone says, you know, the security, it's gonna change it forever. No, it's not."

On the mass shooting near the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California on December 4, 2015:

Phil: "After that happened, I put something up on the Internet that caused a bit of a stir and a lot of people were talking crap about it. But there's nothing wrong with having a gun in your car. There's nothing wrong with having a gun in your desk. Nowadays, get a gun, get a first-aid kit, because if you have a gun, you'd better have a first-aid kit, and learn how to use both of 'em. If you've got a couple of hundred bucks that's laying around, what better way to protect yourself from something like that. And it's not a lot of training that you need. But get training, make sure you're legal, and have a first-aid kit and have some kind of means of defense. And it's really unpopular to say for people, especially in the music industry, but you're responsible for yourself, so be responsible. And if you're responsible for yourself, you should be responsible with a gun."

On the future of the music industry:

Phil: "Music is changing so fast, and the way that people receive music, the way that you get into people's faces is changing so fast, it's really, really hard to figure out and know what the next step is or the proper way to maximize your reach or whatever. So it does feel like stumbling in the dark a little bit. It's definitely not the way that it was fifteen years ago when it was, like, 'Put out a record, there's X amount of promotion, these are the places where it goes, these are the places people go to get their music.' Everyone automatically went to the same places to get music. Now when you say, 'Well, I just go to the Internet,' you're, like, 'Really? That's pretty specific.' You know what I mean? So it's not so easy to figure out how to get your stuff out there. The best way to do it is when you connect with people on a level where they wanna tell their friends and they wanna spread the word. I think that's why you see some artists that are just mega huge still, and then there's… It's, like, the middle artists are kind of drifting away; you're either mega huge or you're really kind of flying under the radar."

ALL THAT REMAINS's latest album, "The Order Of Things", came out in February via Razor & Tie.

The band recently parted ways with bassist Jeanne Sagan and replaced her with Aaron Patrick (BURY YOUR DEAD, DEVILDRIVER).

"The Order Of Things" followed up ALL THAT REMAINS's 2012 effort, "A War You Cannot Win", which featured the massive rock singles "What If I Was Nothing" and the chart-topping "Stand Up".

ALL THAT REMAINS just completed "The Order Of Things" headlining tour with DEVOUR THE DAY, AUDIOTOPSY and SONS OF TEXAS.


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