ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY Drummer: 'We've Never Really Repeated Ourselves Through Our Career'

Dr. Abner Mality from Wormwood Chronicles webzine recently spoke with drummer Bryan Cox from ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY and discussed a number of subjects, including MOLLY HATCHET, Ronnie James Dio and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY's new album, "Open Fire". Here are a couple of excerpts from the interview:

Wormwood Chronicles: Is "Open Fire" going to be the direction ATP goes in from now on?

Bryan Cox: We've never really repeated ourselves through our career. It's been a constant evolution. We've already gotten about five songs written for the next disc and some of them already sound different from what's on "Open Fire". But I think it's fair to say that it will continue to be more aggressive and lean.

Wormwood Chronicles: One thing that has always changed has been the vocalist situation. You're on your third vocalist in as many albums. How did you hook up with Kyle Thomas and is he "the man" for ATP now?

Bryan Cox: You're right about the singer situation. You never know what's going to happen in the future, but we are all really happy with Kyle and hope he sticks around. Of course we knew of him because he was in EXHORDER and all his other projects. We hooked up with him through the friend of a friend. He's from down in Louisiana and when a friend of ours moved from there up here, that's how we got to know him. He's doing his project PITTS VS. PREPS, but he heard we were looking for a singer. We communicated, he sent us some disks and we really took it from there. He's been an awesome addition and he just fits so well with our style.

Wormwood Chronicles: He sounds great on all the "Open Fire" stuff but can he do the older ATP material?

Bryan Cox: Oh, sure! He's a talented singer. A singer with talent is generally gonna be able to adapt and handle other styles. He's already sung on some older songs on a few low-level live shows with us and he nailed them perfectly, he fit fight into the songs and added his own touch. So we feel totally confident with him live. Like I said before, you never know what's gonna happen, but I think he will have a long future with ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY.

Wormwood Chronicles: Have you guys ever played with NASHVILLE PUSSY...or heard anything from them about the similarity in your name?

Bryan Cox: Our paths haven't crossed that much. If they've got any trouble with the name, I haven't heard it. As far as playing together, there is actually some discussion of that, though I don't know what will come of it.

Wormwood Chronicles: You have got more in common than just the name...

Bryan Cox: For sure! They've kind of been in their own world and we've been in ours. They play high-energy rock and roll and we're a little heavier, a little thicker, but it wouldn't be a bad match at all.

Wormwood Chronicles: You could call it the Twin Pussy Tour...

Bryan Cox: (laughter) Yeah, there are all sorts of interesting marketing ideas that could come out of that...

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